Annie Browne

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Following a 35 year medical career I am now a qualified and registered clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. I am registered with the General Council for Hypnotherapy Standards, (GHSC) and am practicing in Dubai and the UAE. My passion for hypnotherapy involves taking further courses and attending conferences both at home and abroad to broaden my knowledge and experience and have become the ‘go to’ person here in Dubai for Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy!
I am still registered as a professional First Aid and Health and Safety Trainer and Consultant with over 25 years experience and am often asked to be a speaker at conferences with more than 2000 attendees. A former nurse at Kent and Canterbury Hospital in the UK, I also trained to be a schoolteacher while my children were young. I am a Medical Educator and Medic for World Rugby. I teach people how to save lives in first aid and life support training for medical professionals as well as preventing accidents by running courses for International certification in Health and Safety.
My experience in Safety extends to many industries including medical clinics, hospitals, fitness, retail, hospitality, education, construction, oil and gas. I am particularly concerned with child safety and first aid at home, homeworkers and in schools and have a specialist course for Maids, Nannies and Parents.
I was offered a fellowship to the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health after gaining a distinction in my post graduate studies in Health and Safety and have published several articles in national newspapers, journals and other publications on safety and the importance of first aid training.