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 Francesca Moi

Queensland, Australia


Francesca Moi (also known as The Meetup Queen) is the CEO of Empowering Events, a company she founded in 2013 where she runs successful workshops and an academy, teaching business owners how to become “famous” online by monetising their following and filling their events and workshops! She is the author of two books, Follow Me – Shutttupp and Build your Network, and Bums on Seats (with Natasa Denman.)
Francesca is a Global Certified Speaking Professional by Professional Speakers Australia.
Francesca is extremely passionate about using events and social media to raise her clients’ profiles to celebrity status, helping them get sold-out events all over the country, and teaching them to STOP BEING INVISIBLE by growing a massive organic following! If you want to go from INVISIBLE to INVINCIBLE online to have a massive IMPACT, you don’t want to miss what Francesca has to share!!