Helen Breward

Swindon, United Kingdom


Helen Breward – BA (Hons), DipCAH, HPD, is the pioneer of The Menopause Relief Programme, which has gained national and international recognition for helping ladies with their hot flushes. She now trains therapists in her work and has practitioners in eight countries helping ladies to take back control.

Helen has also presented her work at hypnosis conferences in Canada, Las Vegas, Daytona, Chicago and London. In 2018, she published her first book ‘My Menopause, My Way’. Prior to working full time in her hypnotherapy clinic, Helen was a primary school teacher for 13 years.


1 Day Workshop

March 16th, 2020  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Menopause Relief Programme

Many women are actively looking for another more natural way of dealing with menopausal symptoms, especially hot flushes, which can be disruptive and debilitating. Some ladies either don’t want to or can’t take HRT, there is very little choice. It’s predicted that by 2025 there will be over 1 billion women experiencing menopause globally.

The Menopause Relief Programme, is specifically designed to help ladies take back control of their hot flushes, their menopause.

‘I was very quick to get hold of Helen’s programme it when it became available and I wasn’t disappointed. It is absolutely full of content. The scripts work really well, they are very popular with the ladies. It’s not just all the scripts, it’s all the background information, simple, and straight forward, easy to understand. Great back up and support, she’s in contact and very happy to share new materials and ideas with you. Money well invested, I absolutely recommend the Menopause Programme.’ Anne Stagg Hypnotherapist

The Course Content:

➤ Comprehensive training manual with

➤ Background knowledge and information

➤ Common triggers and quick fixes.

➤ Foods and vitamins good for menopause and hormone balance.

➤ Scripts for a 6 session programme.

➤ Video Guide.

➤ Press releases to use and adapt.

Attendees will have everything they need to start working with ladies and their hot flushes straight away.

This is a stand-alone programme, which has received UK national and international interest. Stand out from the crowd and be a part of a solution this huge emerging market within hypnosis.