Helen Mitas

Victoria, Australia


Helen’s mission is to raise the profile of the Hypnotherapy Industry globally and specialises in helping Hypnotherapists have a six-figure turnover within 12 months just as she has done with her own business. Helen has over 500 Hypnotherapists on her mentoring program from over 10 countries around the world. She is the founder of Hypnofit, which is a thriving Hypnotherapy clinic in Melbourne, Australia. Hypnofit has helped thousands of people suffering from the symptoms of depression, anxiety and weight problems. In 2018, Helen presented at conferences in St Louis, New York, Boston, Chicago & London. Helen was honoured to be awarded the prestigious ‘Hypnotist of the Year Award 2018’ by the Mid America Conference in Chicago. Helen’s mission is for Hypnotherapy to be the ‘GO TO’ profession when people are presented with life’s challenges and NOT the last resort. Her motto is “If I can do it….You can too. Be the Living Example , not the Talking Example!!!!!!”
Helen is also the Co-organizer of HypnoBiz Australia.