Joanna Cameron

Virginia, United States


Joanna Cameron is the founder of DrainThatPain, Documentary Producer/Star, Teacher, International Hypnotist, Author and Entertainer who has been on both America’s and Britain’s Got Talent. “There’s nothing better in life than assisting people out of chronic pain. My mission is to empower people to reach their Soul’s highest destiny!”


1 Day Workshop

March 17th, 2020  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

DrainThatPain training

DrainThatPain is a holistic energy therapy for chronic pain elimination using active imagination. The overall objective of a DrainThatPain training is that each trainee has a hands-on experience so that she/he learns, while being coached by me, the holistic energy therapy called DrainThatPain. Expect to have a life-changing experience.

Here are the objectives:

➤ a) That the participant will learn the power of intention and how essential it is for both therapist and client

➤ b) That the participant will understand the difference between chronic pain and new pain and learn the importance of signaling with the unconscious mind

➤ c) That the participant will feel the flow of energy in their body after an energy grounding exercise

➤ d) That the participant can let go of a negative emotion, limiting decision, doubt and, of course, chronic pain and the power of group intention makes this energy healing even more outstanding.

➤ e) That the participant feels the drain in their body. Some people feel it like a yellow or blue light or an elevator going through their body. Afterwards, a person feels lighter, balanced, renewed and has learned a technique that is repeatable on their own. It’s building a new habit of resilience – creating strength within. It’s putting participants in their bodies.That’s a very powerful verification and expands awareness!

➤ f) That the participant understands the safety considerations, paperwork and we all enjoy a gratitude party at the end of the day!