Maggie Wilde

Queensland, Australia


Maggie Wilde is a 7-time award-winning Author in Psychology and Mental Health, and other Wellness categories.
While recovering from a major stroke, organ failure and epilepsy, she developed her Brain Training Model that is now embraced through her MIND POTENTIAL books and online programs.
Maggie has featured in media worldwide including Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, Woman’s Day, Take 5 and Women’s Health & Fitness Magazines. She featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise, and The Daily Edition and Channel 9’s A Current Affair. While on a book award tour in the United States, Maggie was featured on breakfast TV on San Diego Living, Good Morning New Mexico, Los Angeles Law of Attraction Radio and many more. The London Daily Mail also ran a three-page feature on Maggie and her amazing client successes.
She now inspires Wellness Practitioners to embrace their potential and reach a wider audience by sharing their message through books and online programs too.
Her purpose: empower others to embrace who they are and unleash their potential – FAST!