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 Margo Regan

Auckland, New Zealand


Margo is one of New Zealand’s leading specialists on sex, intimacy, love and relationships. With more than a decade of experience working as a clinical hypnotherapist, she has helped thousands of clients throughout the world transform their lives through the power of hypnotherapy.

She has mentored with some of the worlds very best therapists and worked in world-leading residential treatment centres. Margo is also one of only 18 registered consultant sex therapists with Sex Therapy New Zealand.

Margo is dedicated to empowering therapists, counsellors, psychologists, doctors and psychotherapists with the latest techniques to assist them in helping their clients overcome longstanding sexual dysfunction and relationship issues in the most effective way using hypnotherapy.

Her passion is to transform negative, unhealthy patterns into positive connections that result in living a more joyous, meaningful, fulfilling life with self and others.


1 Day Workshop

March 17th, 2020  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sex Sense: Learn how to help couples have great sex.

Are you avoiding a potentially lucrative client base because you feel ashamed or embarrassed talking to clients about sex? Do you want to feel more comfortable and knowledgeable talking to clients about these issues? Would you like to feel more confident dealing with the complexities of relationships?

With more than 38% of people experiencing some form of sexual dysfunction, it’s an essential topic to cover if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level.

In this experiential and intense workshop, you will:

➤Be guided you through everything you need to consider when dealing with sex related issues. From premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and painful sex to mismatched libido, pornography/sex addiction and inability to orgasm.

➤Learn the very latest effective approaches to these sometimes-sensitive issues.

➤Understand adult attachment theory and the science of love in romantic relationships, learn how couples can manage conflict, let go of resentments and rebuild trust after an affair.

➤Gain essential tools and techniques from Imago and Gottman Relationship Therapy for conflict resolution and communication enhancement.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to develop your sex sense.