Nessa Magee

Gold Coast, Australia

Nessa Magee is the founder and CEO of Uplifting Life

Her qualifications include:

Doctor of Chinese Medicine , Hypnotherapist , NLP practitioner and a meditation teacher.

Nessa is an inspirational public speaker and empathetic educator

To enhance her spiritual journey and knowledge she has actively lived and studied in Ashrams in Australia , India and America.

After being involved in the health and well-being sector for over 35 years, Nessa has lovingly created “Depression & The 9 Step Spiritual Protocol” for clients learning through depression and for practitioners the amazing alchemical “Hypno-Soma”

Nessa is deeply committed to expanding models of treatment for depression ,anxiety and PTSD and through both her professional and personal experience of depression and by working through these issues , she brings incredible and valid insight into the actual causes and ultimate healing of ‘mental illness’

Nessa’s views on Depression are that when we focus more on discovery over recovery we will transform and discover our empowered authentic self .

On a personal note her hobbies are travel, Supporting and uplifting others.

Long walks up in the country, meditation and cavoodles ( cavapoos in the U.S )

Nessa has two amazing adult children who she adores , and one beautiful black furry four legged grandson

Her strongest desire is to see everyone thrive and bloom into the best person they can be.