Rohan Gazzard

Victoria, Australia



To witness the Bizarre Gazzard is an experience you will never forget. You will be amazed and dumbfounded by the power of the mind then laugh yourself hoarse at the antics of your friends. You’ve seen other stage hypnotists on TV, now imagine this combined with a true blue Aussie larrikin, the Bizarre Gazzard! (Rohan Gazzard)

The Bizarre Gazzard is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has over 10 years of stage experience as has his partner in crime, brilliantly funny stand up comedian and musician, Adam “Chicken” Palmer. Everyone loves a superb Chicken Palmer!

Combining music, costumes, comedy and props this is a must see show where the only people having a better time than the audience are the volunteers themselves. These are the real stars of the night! Perfect for corporate functions and sporting groups, every show is unique, unforgettable and can be tailored to your needs. Not only will you laugh, gasp and roar; the Bizarre Gazzard promises, You Will Believe!


2 Day Workshop

March 16th & 17th, 2020  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Australia’s Funniest Hypnotist THE BIZARRE GAZZARD will be offering Fully Comprehensive Training to perform to Australian Audiences!

In this experiential and intense training, you will:

➤Receive The 3 Vital Key Factors that make or break your performance

➤Learn a fully Comprehensive Coverage from A to Z for both the Beginner to Hobbyist to Professional Competent Stage Performance (Workshop Manual Provided) Stage name to advertising to Commanding high fees to Pre-talk to Managing a difficult audience to How to get Volunteers to Inductions (plan A B C D E)

➤Learn Show skits to after show Protocols- WHY you must Personalize to Your OWN personality and NOT One size fits all! Every KEY factor will be covered in both theory and hands on Practical Demonstrations until proficient.

➤Learn how to get a minimum of 80-90% strike rate with any group of Volunteers!

➤Understand Why Rohan is Fully Booked up all year round year after year WITHOUT advertising!

➤Understand Why USA training will NOT suit Australian audiences and conditions and NOT every single person is suitable for your Stage Show! Check out his FB page for videos and pictures and over 130 FIVE STAR REVIEWS! This is the REAL DEAL and AUTHENTIC!

➤See how Just ONE Show will recoup your entire Training Fee! Ongoing Support and a Workshop Manual with ALL the information for you to keep and personalize with your own notes.

➤Leave this training with any question unanswered! This is not a successful Hypnotist just talking about their own success and ONE way of doing a Show!

This will be a Professional educational learning experience that will resonate mentally physically emotionally and spiritually! Rohan is also an extremely successful and sought after Clinical Hypnotherapist and this training will enhance your Hypnotherapist skills and rapport (Especially with difficult and resistant clients) Breathe & Believe! I CAN I WILL! Where Focus goes Energy Flows!