Terri Messenger

Western Australia, Australia


Terri Messenger is a Lifestyle Coach, Master NLP Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has a strong background in Professional Consulting, Sales and Marketing. Her insatiable passion in moving people forward began at 21 Years of age in Real Estate where she became a Top Selling and Marketing Leader.

Whilst she was well known for her status in Real Estate, her sudden exit after 15 years was soon surpassed by her strong conviction to help others where her husband, Dr Ian Messenger and herself ran their own Clinic for over a decade.

Her obsession for helping people is her claim to fame. Her dedication to Health, Success & Freedom extended Her business, Partnering with a World Class Product. This aligns with her Purpose to develop strong Leaders in building their own business. She projects that her Team will grow exponentially over the next couple of Years.

Terri is a Founder in the Natural Health Revolution with a desire for her footprint in her labor of love to become her legacy.


1 Day Workshop

March 17th, 2020  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Self Mastery Of Communication

The most powerful form of influence that will give you the following:

➤ 1) Building Rapport & Connection with People

➤ 2) Accessing the Desired Purpose & Understanding The Value System

➤ 3) Becoming Aware Of What is holding You back & identifying limiting beliefs

➤ 4) Creating Transformation Of moving forward through the magic of clean language

➤ 5) Going back in Time To Release the past and re-code The Future

➤ 6) Accessing Your Infinite Power

➤ 7) Quantum Leap into The Future to meet with the Super You Who is taking Massive Aligned Action In Becoming Who You were born to be