3 Day Workshop

March 11th – 13th, 2020  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Christoffel Sneijders

Train The Trainer – Certified Hypnosis Instructor

Accredited by the Peal Academy & HypnoBiz Training Academy

Includes Breakfast & Lunch

Delivering a training session, workshop or presentation is less about sharing what you know and more about engaging the audience to learn. Learn how to create and deliver a training program, workshop or presentation with impact.
➤ Design a training module and program for your students
➤ Easily facilitate training sessions
➤ Facilitate dynamics in group sessions
➤ Learn how to use the tools we will provide you with
➤ Learn how to use the tools/techniques/learning methods you will be using with others
➤ Embrace diversity in participants’ learning styles and behaviour preferences in order to get the best out of them
➤ Discover how to deal with difficult situations

The course includes Bonus Materials:

➤ All course materials for you and your students
➤ Complimentary one-year HypnoBiz Membership

Program Pre-work:
➤ Prepare a recorded video presentation (10 min)
➤ Watch the Pre-Recorded video presentations
➤ Take the Kolb test and DISC test.

DAY 1 – The highlights:
➤ Learn our different roles as designers, trainers and facilitators
➤ Communication and understanding the participants: Kolb Learning styles & DISC (pre-work)
➤ Understand the basics of behavior & communication:
➤ Strengthen questioning and active listening skills
➤ Study Body language and non verbal communication cues.
➤ Develop presentation/training skills and your personal action plan.

DAY 2 – As a trainer, facilitator and presenter:

From designer…
➤ How to create concrete training goals & learning objectives
➤ The training design, beginning, middle and end
➤ The design of a module: didactics/scenario/sequence, the 5 essential steps
➤ Training on the new tools

To action!:

➤ Master providing constructive feedback
➤ Learning, Experience, Actions (L.E.A)
➤ Pre-conditions for a good group session (setting up the alliance or rules of the game)
➤ Being ready to deal with resistance: reactions on change.
➤ Offman grid : finding our 4th quality?

DAY 3 – Connecting the dots and practise:
➤ Interacting with the group
➤ How to deal with resistance in the group, dealing with objections
➤ Dealing with difficult situations / presentations with interruptions
Assignment: create a program – subgroups (trios)
➤ Delivery & feedback
➤ Personal action plan

Upon completion of this 3-day course you are a Certified Instructor. This will qualify you to teach and certify students as a (CHI) Certified Hypnosis Instructor

You easily earn your tuition fees back with just one student!

Furthermore you will be able to join the closed Facebook group of the PEAL academy instructors for mentoring questions, sharing stories and keeping updated with the latest on how to make trainings and workshops even better.

To whom:
Certified and experienced Hypnotists, NLP practitioners that love to teach and want to take their careers to the next level and other professionals that want to improve their impact during a group session/training/workshop or presentation.
Space is very limited and is open to all Attendees of the Hypnobiz Conference

$ 950.00 AUD


1 Day Workshop

March 16th, 2020  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Jo-Anne Eadie

Smoking Program – 1 Session Stop Smoking For Your Clients.

It is possible to achieve an over 90 percent success rate making this program a constant income generator.

In this experiential and intense training you will:

➤ Receive a complete, detailed, step by step booklet.

➤Learn  list of concepts that surprise and shock the clients in the first 10 minutes. Even though they don’t realize it, they have already quit by the time you actually begin the Hypnosis.

➤Experience demonstrations for the visual learners.

 295.00 AUD


Sharon Jurd

Speaking with Confidence

This is an interactive, hands-on, real-life speaking workshop where you can grow your speaking business to the level you have always dreamed about.

· Have you ever wanted to share your message from the stage but were not sure where to start?

· Do you want to travel and speak all over the world?

If you said ‘yes’ to one of these questions, you have found the workshop to achieve this goal!

At this workshop, you will not just sit and learn a new concept, you will have real-time learning. No sitting in your chair going to sleep. There will be breakout sessions where real learning happens.

In this experiential and intense training you will learn:

➤ How to structure your story

➤What your default speaker stance should be

➤How to use stories to illustrate your point

➤When to have wisdom, be vulnerable or call to action

➤How your stance affects the audience

➤How to get the audience to sit up and take notice

➤How to awaken the audience into taking action

➤How to inspire courage in your audience to make a change

➤What questions to ask the audience

➤How to get the audience to relate to you

➤How to use eye contact to engage the audience

➤How to get the audiences’ verbal and non-verbal responses

➤What should be your standard gesture on stage

➤How to set a scene for a story

295.00 AUD


Sheila Granger

Develop Your Very Own Unique Hypnosis Programme!

We all have our own unique goals and dreams to where we would like our practice to go to. For some it’s seeing a few clients part time, for others it’s having that fully booked practice, for others it’s developing a brand and even training others…
Do you have big goals and dreams? Do you have the ideas for your own unique programme and see that on an international scale?

In this experiential and intense training, you will:

➤Go from just dreaming to learning the skills and processes that can catapult you onto an international stage.

➤Develop you personally and will teach you how to confidently research your own unique programme, that immediately makes you stand out locally, nationally and internationally!

➤Create the evidence that gives you both credibility and expert status.

➤Learn how to professionally brand and market your course, and deliver training both on and off line.

➤Leave with a huge goal and a clear actionable plan that can make the dreams a reality!

395.00 AUD


Rob De Groof

Fast & Powerful Inductions

In this experiential and intense training, you will:

➤Learn and practice more than 10 instant inductions to use in the therapy room, street hypnosis or at any kind of demonstration.

➤Receive a lot of tips & tricks on instant inductions and how to use them safely, how to practice them and how to develop the right mindset for a high success rate.

345.00 AUD


Lisa Sigsworth

End of Life Care and Communication Certification Workshop

Hospitals have been given a Call to Action Directive to train their care team employees on how to talk to patients and their families about end of life care.

In this experiential and intense training, you will:

➤Receive the formal training and certification that you need to present a formal training workshop to hospitals, nursing care home or any facility that houses or cares for patients.

➤Come out of this workshop with the information you need to properly train medical staff how to work with those patients and families who are having a difficult time coming to terms with the dying process.

➤Train the physicians on how to ” break the news” to families and patients.

➤Learn how to facilitate a group meeting with care teams to put together the best plan of care for the patient and family.

➤learn the lingo to get you into those hospital settings. You cannot miss this workshop!

995.00 AUD


Jimmy Petruzzi

Hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques for stress management in business and Sport

In this experiential and intense training, you will:

➤ Analyze your own responses to pressure

➤Produce practical strategies to face daily challenges

➤Become more effective using Hypnotherapy and Cognitive approaches in business and Sports.

195.00 AUD


Jo Moon

Sports Hypnosis: Techniques to Empower Peak Performance:
1-Day Class – Sports Hypnosis: Techniques to Empower Peak Performance

Athletes seek out Sports Hypnotists and Mental Skills Trainers for a wide variety of performance issues from collapse of confidence to inability to focus. They are highly motivated to overcome performance issues that hold them back from success and advancement in their athletic pursuits. This training will provide hypnosis practitioners with effective tools for working in the vast niche market of Sports Hypnosis.

Highlights of this training include:

Working with peak performance specific issues related to:

➤ Enhancing focus

➤ Power Visualizing

➤ Boosting Confidence

➤ Mental Toughness and Resiliency

➤ The A, B, C’s of Playing it Big

➤ Athletic Goal Setting

But wait – there’s more!

Scripts and reading lists are provided to assist attendees with jump starting their own programs.

 350.00 AUD


Helen Breward

The Menopause Relief Programme

Many women are actively looking for another more natural way of dealing with menopausal symptoms, especially hot flushes, which can be disruptive and debilitating. Some ladies either don’t want to or can’t take HRT, there is very little choice. It’s predicted that by 2025 there will be over 1 billion women experiencing menopause globally.

The Menopause Relief Programme, is specifically designed to help ladies take back control of their hot flushes, their menopause.

‘I was very quick to get hold of Helen’s programme it when it became available and I wasn’t disappointed. It is absolutely full of content. The scripts work really well, they are very popular with the ladies. It’s not just all the scripts, it’s all the background information, simple, and straight forward, easy to understand. Great back up and support, she’s in contact and very happy to share new materials and ideas with you. Money well invested, I absolutely recommend the Menopause Programme.’ Anne Stagg Hypnotherapist

The Course Content:

➤ Comprehensive training manual with

➤ Background knowledge and information

➤ Common triggers and quick fixes.

➤ Foods and vitamins good for menopause and hormone balance.

➤ Scripts for a 6 session programme.

➤ Video Guide.

➤ Press releases to use and adapt.

Attendees will have everything they need to start working with ladies and their hot flushes straight away.

This is a stand-alone programme, which has received UK national and international interest. Stand out from the crowd and be a part of a solution this huge emerging market within hypnosis.

 245.00 AUD


Nicole Weber

Traumatherapy and Hypnosis

There are so many different things in the different methods of traumatherapy that you could use in your hypnosis practice.

In this experiential and intense training, you will:

➤Discuss the implications of trauma and of course how those can be treated. These methods might come in handy anytime and you can use them during your hypnosis session, even if the problems are not trauma related.

➤Practice a lot and you will learn about different stabilizing and distancing techniques, skills, breathing exercises and what else you can do using hypnosis with trauma clients.

 495.00 AUD


2 Day Workshop

March 16th & 17th, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Wendi Friesen

Become an Addiction Freedom Expert

This is a breakthrough in Addiction work for clients struggling with drugs or alcohol. Your client will love the workbook, the assignments and your powerful Hypnotherapy sessions that are specifically made to stop relapse, create a massive commitment and anchor the deep state of Strong, Healthy and In Control.

In this experiential and intense training, you will:

➤Create workshops for groups or work with clients privately. You will love this work!

➤Continue your training online with Wendi, including creating media attention, marketing and education about the current drug and alcohol treatment methods.

➤Learn how clients can see you for a 4 day intensive, or in a group for the 4 day program.

➤Have the exact schedule to conduct the program over a 30 day program. You can also work with clients remotely online or by phone.

Many residential treatment centers look for innovative ways to help their clients. You can work with them to offer a proven and powerful program and increase their success rates.

Your clients will not only quit drug or alcohol use, but will build integrity, heal the past, forgive, create their future and restore self esteem and self love.
Includes EVERYTHING you need to be the expert. Brochures, business card template, postcard template, powerpoint presentation, letter to physicians and more.
The workbook is a beautiful, full color manual that will give you instant credibility and give your potential clients confidence in the power of the work you are offering.

 495.00 AUD


Victoria Gallagher


Two Incredible Action-Packed Days of Transforming Yourself into a Manifesting Machine!

Create the Life You Really Want, using the Latest Dream Manifesting tools, techniques, and strategies to Experience the Transformation of a Lifetime Over This Breakthrough Law of Attraction Weekend

➤Day One.  During the Morning we will Use Conscious Mind Processes: Clarify Your Desire and Intention, where you will discover Where and How to Begin Attracting, The Power of Affirmations and Written Word, maintaining a Positive Mindset, How to Focus and Align Your Thoughts, Explore New Meditative Methods.  In the Afternoon, Subconscious Mind Approaches: Reprogram Limiting Beliefs, Let Go of Doubts and Worry, Visualization to Overcome Self-Sabotage Behaviors

➤Day Two. In our Morning Session, you’ll learn how to Harness Your Superconscious to Gain New Ideas.  How to Work with Infinite Intelligence, Access Your Intuitive Wisdom, Tap into Universal Guidance, Gain Insight and Clarity on Solutions, and Discover True Creativity.  Finally, in the Afternoon, we will work with Advanced Manifesting to Gain Intuitive Insights, Increase Your Energy Vibration, Stay Consistent and Committed, Develop Patience and Detachment, Take Inspired and Necessary Actions, and Celebrate Your Successes.

495.00 AUD


4 Day Workshop

March 16th – 19th, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Christoffel Sneijders

Advanced Integrative Coach Certification; the 3 brains coach Certification

Learn a proven, effective way to enable successful, long-lasting change, based on scientific research. 

Learn how our three Brains—Head, Heart and Gut—are connected for powerful decision-making and how they store our memories and emotions (like stress, fear, anger, grief, sadness and frustration).

Yes, there are three brains controlling us and our clients.

We have an ‘enteric brain’ otherwise known as your ‘gut brain’ which controls our survival needs and acts in fear or anger hence: fight or flight responses and feeds our EGO.

Then there’s the ‘cardiac brain’ which is your ‘heart brain’ and it controls our bonding with other people and that is where we feel love, compassion but also hate. Finally, there’s the ‘head brain’ with three brains inside it (the rational new brain or prefrontal cortex; the emotional middle brain; and the instinctual reptilian brain).

If you are not aware of all our brains and know how to work with them, then how are you going to truly help your client to make lasting change?

You will master after these 4 days:

You will be able to instantly apply these to coaching, leadership, managerial, therapeutic or personal situations that are relevant to you.

The techniques, insights, and lessons you can directly apply in your work with clients or colleagues include:

  1. Knowing how and in which areas to work with your clients to assist them to achieve their goals.

  2. Having insight into how we actually make decisions and store our memories and emotions (like stress, fear, anger, grief, sadness and frustration).

  3. The science behind the three Brains—our Head, Heart and Gut—and how they work*.

  4. The ability to create better self-management techniques and reduce stress for your client and yourself.

  5. Release emotional and/or physical issues that concern the Heart, Head or Gut Brain. Learn how you calibrate and align the three Brains.

  6. The ability to identify and create a deeper understanding of how your client puts their emotional thinking in the way of reaching their objectives.

  7. Learn the language and signs of the three Brains to identify which Brain or Brains are dominant in your clients in order to pinpoint the issue and find a solution?

  8. An understanding of how your client is blocking themselves in finding a solution to their objectives.

  9. Identify the five main misalignments people could have between their different Brains. Misalignments lead to all kinds of issues, including demotivation (depression), procrastination, stress/anxiety, ineffective decision-making approaches and bad performance.

  10. Identify and solve the root cause of your client’s ‘stuck’ state.

  11. Identify on an individual Brain level where the client is blocked, create awareness and solutions to the most common roadblocks in our individual Brains, based on their unique purpose and objectives.

  12. Exercises to master the knowledge and feel/experience the change.

*based on the book How men and women fit, finally understand your partner with the 3 brains theory by Christoffel Sneijders

This training is Accredited by ICF for CCE points

$1,295 AUD


1 Day Workshop

March 17th, 2020 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Shane Fozard

Unleash Your Inner Speaker

In this experiential and intense training, you will:

➤Learn the System for becoming A Financially Successful Public Speaker & Expert

95.00 AUD


Nicola Shubrook

Introduction to Nutrition for Hypnotherapists

This workshop is designed to give you a better understanding of what is good nutrition, and how you can use it with your clients to improve their well-being and support your goals of hypnotherapy.

The world of nutrition can be confusing. Every day we are bombarded by different rules and research as to what we should and shouldn’t eat, or you read a headline about the latest diet or health scare. This one day workshop will aim to give you a practical understanding of what is good nutrition, debunking the myths and using evidence-based approaches to everyday condition including healthy weight loss, anxiety, stress, menopause and IBS.

In this workshop you will learn:

➤ What is good nutrition

➤ Fats, carbohydrates and proteins – the good, the bad and the ugly

➤ The importance of blood sugar balancing

➤ What is intuitive eating?

➤ The importance of the gut and its microbiome

➤ The gut-brain connection and why food plays such a vital role

➤ Practical nutrition guides for everyday conditions including anxiety, depression, stress menopause, IBS, and autoimmune conditions such as fibromyalgia.

 325.00 AUD


Joanna Cameron

DrainThatPain training

DrainThatPain is a holistic energy therapy for chronic pain elimination using active imagination. The overall objective of a DrainThatPain training is that each trainee has a hands-on experience so that she/he learns, while being coached by me, the holistic energy therapy called DrainThatPain. Expect to have a life-changing experience.

Here are the objectives:

➤ a) That the participant will learn the power of intention and how essential it is for both therapist and client

➤ b) That the participant will understand the difference between chronic pain and new pain and learn the importance of signaling with the unconscious mind

➤ c) That the participant will feel the flow of energy in their body after an energy grounding exercise

➤ d) That the participant can let go of a negative emotion, limiting decision, doubt and, of course, chronic pain and the power of group intention makes this energy healing even more outstanding.

➤ e) That the participant feels the drain in their body. Some people feel it like a yellow or blue light or an elevator going through their body. Afterwards, a person feels lighter, balanced, renewed and has learned a technique that is repeatable on their own. It’s building a new habit of resilience – creating strength within. It’s putting participants in their bodies.That’s a very powerful verification and expands awareness!

➤ f) That the participant understands the safety considerations, paperwork and we all enjoy a gratitude party at the end of the day!

 395.00 AUD


Maggie Wilde

How to Use Organic Facebook Reach to Build a Targeted Audience of 10,000 or More in 12 Weeks or Less

Most of us know we should be doing more but don’t have the systems to make social media marketing financially rewarding.

If you had a step-by-step system that meant you were booked out, valued and paid weeks or months in advance, would that make social media marketing a priority?

Whether filling your clinic calendar or promoting and selling products and workshops, this 1-day intensive provides the formulas to attract your perfect client.

If you also know you should be using LIVE video in your marketing but either don’t know how, feel uncomfortable or think it’s a waste of time, then this action-packed workshop is definitely for you too.

By the end of the day you’ll leave with A:

➤ Individual 12-Week Marketing Plan (Prepped and ready)

➤ 7-Step Organic Reach Formula

➤ Simple LIVE Video Formula Making it Easy

➤ 12 Week Video Content Schedule

➤ Confidence to Embrace Video Marketing

➤ Fundamental Grasp of Chatbot Messenger Marketing

This all means you’ll never worry where your next client will come from. You will have the secrets to maximize organic reach and get your message out to your audience.

Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist is a 7-time Award Winning Author and Clinical Therapist. She has successfully embraced organic Social Media Marketing to fill her clinic, market books, e-courses, and workshops. Renowned for over-delivering in her workshops, Maggie shares her simple formulas in this done-with-you workshop.

 395.00 AUD


Terri Messenger

Self Mastery Of Communication

The most powerful form of influence that will give you the following:

➤ 1) Building Rapport & Connection with People

➤ 2) Accessing the Desired Purpose & Understanding The Value System

➤ 3) Becoming Aware Of What is holding You back & identifying limiting beliefs

➤ 4) Creating Transformation Of moving forward through the magic of clean language

➤ 5) Going back in Time To Release the past and re-code The Future

➤ 6) Accessing Your Infinite Power

➤ 7) Quantum Leap into The Future to meet with the Super You Who is taking Massive Aligned Action In Becoming Who You were born to be

365.00 AUD


Sara Herring

Delving into the womb!

Let’s delve into the womb, looking at beliefs, fear, trauma, stress, rejection, betrayal and anything you have taken on whilst gestating. This is a hands on workshop, with demonstrations, scripts and ways to regress your client, safely, and easily using hypnodialogue, and ideomotor skills, and lots of practice.

In this experiential and intense workshop, you will:

➤Receive knowledge and insight to work with your clients, regressing them back to the womb, clearing, resolving, working with their DNA.

➤Learn the different stages of the developing baby, what to look for and how to clear issues that started at conception, and issues from being born.

 350.00 AUD